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RDija Signature is an online webshop that takes muslimah fashion to a new level of comfort-wear. Founded by a husband-and-wife bring you an unique yet modest design to fulfill your ever-changing taste in the fashion world. What the best, we are focusing various kind of muslimah fashionfor adults and even kids.

RDija Signature combination of R-alphabet mean Razey and D for Dija (the nick name of the founder), will continuosly put up fresh ideas to make a muslims closet full with adoring pieces.  

Comfortly start shopping with us. 


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NO. PENDAFTARAN: 202303037062 (RA0097181-T)


Siti Khadijah binti Ayop (RDija Ayop)

Mohd Razey bin Yacub (Razey Yacub)